Frequently asked questions

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General – Subscriptions & Payment

  • When does the Closed Beta Phase start and what happens if I sign up now?

  • How do I subscribe to your services?

  • How do I obtain my API key?

  • What kind of data do you require for signing up?

  • What kind of data do you store about me and for which purpose?

  • How do I update my credit card information?

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

Product - API

  • What kind of data is BlockFacts providing via API?

  • Which API protocols do you offer?

  • Which SDKs do you support?

  • How often are prices updated?

  • Are there any rate-limits for the API?

  • How many assets (pairs) can be requested at once?

  • Do you provide historical data and for how long?

  • Do you provide uptime / status monitoring?

  • What is the latency of your API connection?

  • What methodology do you use for calculating BlockFacts Normalized Prices?

  • Do you include volume as a criterion in your price normalization?

Product – Analytics Platform

  • When will the analytics platform be made available?

  • What kind of data is BlockFacts providing via the analytics platform?

  • What is BlockFacts PRO?

Product – Infrastructure & Security

  • What is your infrastructure setup?

  • Which datacentres do you use?



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